• Nationalization of Goods:
    • Imports general.
    • Imports with implementation of free trade agreements signed by Chile.
    • Procedures or anticipated.
    • Emergency powers.
  • Warehouse Private Import:
    • Temporary Admission General.
    • Temporary Admission for Inward.
    • Refund of Fees for application of Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
  • Import Certification:
    • Processing of certification, seen good and visas to the various public organism.
    • Processing of product registration with the Instituto de Salud Pública of Chile (ISP).
    • Procedure for the Resolution of Use and Disposal for the marketing of products.
  • Register of Importers in Seremi de Salud webpage to monitor the applications

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  • General Export
  • Temporary Departure for Outward
  • Other types Temporary Departure
  • Other destinations Customs for Goods Issue:
    • Re-exports
    • Exports of Services
    • Exports or non-commercial character
    • Advice, preparation and processing of IVV, exports with different modality of A Firm
  • Advice, preparation and processing of IVV, exports with different modality of A Firm
  • Certification Unit Origin:
    • Comprehensive advice or to certify products of National Origin
    • Rules of Origin
    • Preparation and processing of Certificates of Origin to entities certifiers: SOFOFA – SAG – Cámara Nacional de Comercio
  • Advice on Trade Agreements and Free Trade Agreements (FTA)

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Legal advice

In order to achieve a comprehensive advice to our clients, we have formed a legal department trained in the field of customs law, headed by a attorney In office at the service of our clients.

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Complementary services or other services

  • Advising on Investment Projects.
  • Advising on hiring domestic and international freight.
  • Contracting insurance or charging merchandise.
  • Monitoring of import and export operations.
  • Access movement statistics on foreign trade.
  • Information on customs procedures of the main countries of destination of our exports.
  • Permanent update on the international negotiations held our country.

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